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Artificial Intelligence

We employ a multifaceted approach to Artificial Intelligence, utilizing a combination of cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision, and Deep Learning techniques to automate and optimize car damage assessments.

Our innovative solutions empower insurance companies, auto repair shops, ride sharing companies and individual users to obtain quick, accurate, and cost-effective damage assessments, streamlining the entire vehicle repair process.

Artificial Intelligence

Synthetic Data Generation

Archmir utilizes synthetic data generation techniques to create realistic and diverse datasets for training and testing machine learning models.

By generating highly representative synthetic data, we overcome the limitations of traditional data collection methods, enabling faster and more efficient model development.

With expertise in procedural generation and generative models, we ensure that the synthetic data accurately represents real-world scenarios, helping their clients build robust and reliable artificial intelligence systems.



Archmir’s expertise in computer vision allows highly accurate perception, and interpretation of visual information. By leveraging deep learning models and advanced computer vision algorithms, we developed systems capable of tasks such as accurate object and hard surface irregularity detection and scene understanding.

Through advanced algorithms and techniques, we enhance and analyze images, helping businesses discover hidden patterns, detect anomalies, and make informed decisions. From damage assessment to fraud prevention, Archmir’s image processing capabilities play a crucial role in unlocking the potential of visual data.

AI Powered Computer vision


Our company is dedicated to pushing boundaries and enhancing user experiences through innovative solutions that redefine industry standards.

Explore the future of technology-driven excellence with Archmir as your trusted partner and experience the forefront of innovation.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Kamil Dilek
Kamil DilekChief Technology Officer, Hepiyi Insurance
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“Digitizing our insurance operations with Archmir has greatly simplified our workflows. The photo-based damage recognition feature has made damage management faster and more efficient.”
Dr. Sezin Tunaboylu
Dr. Sezin TunaboyluBusiness Development Director, DOĞUŞ Technology
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“Collaborating with Archmir has allowed us to harness the power of the new world’s technology and innovation. Archmir’s AI-based solution stands out with its exceptional ability to rapidly and accurately identify car damages. This has enabled us to provide better service to our customers and automotive industries. Partnering with Archmir allows us to seamlessly integrate with the technology of the future.”
Mithat Göksel
Mithat GökselAKSİS Digital Solutions
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“Archmir’s artificial intelligence engine possesses an exceptional ability to analyze a wide range of visual data. By combining image processing and artificial intelligence technologies, beyond the car claim process digitalize but also conduct data analysis across various industries.”
Okan Utkueri
Okan UtkueriSenior Executive in Insurance
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"Archmir brings technology to life by processing images to determine morphological changes on objects with the highest level of deep tech solutions, like artificial intelligence algorithms, and computer visual and augmented reality."

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