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Archmir is a company with a mission to change the automotive industry for the better by way of integrating artificial intelligence and image processing. Through adopting deep learning and image recognition technologies, we provide both professionals and non-professionals Archmir DeepScan, Archmir PureVision, Archmir TireScope and Archmir Hub products.

Our cutting-edge, AI-powered solutions expedite the claims workflow and provide insurers, assessors, repair facilities, and their clients with a simple, automated, precise, efficient, and touchless digital experience. With the most accurate auto repair database and AI-powered digital workflows, you can expedite claims determinations and provide safe, lucrative repairs.

Our company

Accelerating the future

What sets our AI apart is its real-world robustness, scalability, and flexibility -making it easy to integrate with today’s tech stack- and the inclusion of meta-data that can help us accelerate AI’s industry-transforming potential.

Real-world Robustness

Our AI is built for the real world – robust enough to take data that is inevitably noisy and fragmented- and detect subtlety of damage, to a high degree. Every working function of our AI is built to accelerate without sacrificing accuracy, and can be calibrated to align with client systems and maintain a benchmark of consistent output.

Adaptability and open API

Integrating AI technology with existing tech stacks and processes enables systems to speak to each other. Through an open API approach, our tools are built to integrate with and work alongside our customers’ existing technology, and to work globally across different geographies and repair standards.


We are committed to seamlessly integrating our business processes and solutions into our customers’ existing infrastructure. This provides our customers with the opportunity to achieve faster and more effective results and facilitates collaboration.

Our Team•••

Berrin Önder
Board Member and Executive
Mustafa Çakır
Co-founder, Chief Engineering Manager
Ilker Kutsal
Co-founder, Chief Operations Manager
Utku Eroğlu
Co-founder, Legal & Business Development
Egemen Yediel
Sales Consultant
Talha Saruhan
Co-founder, Core Technology Advisor
Mithat Göksel
Sales Director & Business Development

What Our Clients Say About Us

Kamil Dilek
Kamil DilekChief Technology Officer, Hepiyi Insurance
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“Digitizing our insurance operations with Archmir has greatly simplified our workflows. The photo-based damage recognition feature has made damage management faster and more efficient.”
Dr. Sezin Tunaboylu
Dr. Sezin TunaboyluBusiness Development Director, DOĞUŞ Technology
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“Collaborating with Archmir has allowed us to harness the power of the new world’s technology and innovation. Archmir’s AI-based solution stands out with its exceptional ability to rapidly and accurately identify car damages. This has enabled us to provide better service to our customers and automotive industries. Partnering with Archmir allows us to seamlessly integrate with the technology of the future.”
Mithat Göksel
Mithat GökselAKSİS Digital Solutions
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“Archmir’s artificial intelligence engine possesses an exceptional ability to analyze a wide range of visual data. By combining image processing and artificial intelligence technologies, beyond the car claim process digitalize but also conduct data analysis across various industries.”
Okan Utkueri
Okan UtkueriSenior Executive in Insurance
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"Archmir brings technology to life by processing images to determine morphological changes on objects with the highest level of deep tech solutions, like artificial intelligence algorithms, and computer visual and augmented reality."

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